democratically organised open-source organisation.

first post

hello to anyone reading this.

i want to create a democratically organised organisation... those are a lot of buzzwords and even i do not know what they mean. i am hoping someone can give me any advice on what i'm trying to achieve... are there any examples out there i am able to study? i would like advice on the direction i can take my side-project to align my projects goals to what potential end-users want?

i am a software developer and i do not understand much about businesses and organisations. this seems to make it very difficult for me to find out more information about what i am trying to achieve. i have tried searching "open source business model", but all i could find out was things about was advice on running companies from the perspective of some kind of CEO-type figure.

i was optimistic enough to think i could finish it by myself, but it seems that to create the project that i am trying to, is too much for one person... or at least too much for me to do by myself.

as a result of personal effort, i have made several functioning components for the project and i remain passionate about my side project. i am wondering what my options would be to be able to continue my project as open source.

while open source will allow for other developer to be able to work on the project with me, i am not interested in any particular help from the software development perspective (the main purpose of the project was to challenge me as a developer)... my main difficulty with this project is the organisational aspect. i have no idea what i am doing when it comes to business, legal etc (basically "things-that-aren't-software-development").

i thought maybe i can create some kind of blog that i kept up-to-date as the project progresses. i can add some commenting feature so i can get public feedback on the direction that i am working towards.

i have made a start at: ... but this is a new method of working for me and i do not know anything about working this way.

i could use any advice/ideas anyone is able to give. thanks.