Memes for everyone

Create all the memes!

the goal of this project is to create something that will allow everyone (as many as i can) to create memes with minimum effort. internet memes (or simply just "memes" as they have become known) have become part of a normal experience on the internet. although i believe there is a still a lot of people that are unable to create memes themselves; whether it is because of a lack of technical know-how or the tools required are prohibitively complicated or expensive.... lets change that!

the plan

the plan is to create an easy-to-use meme editor mobile app that is available for free on as many platforms as possible.

wide demographic

easy to ingest information

communicate ideas independent of native speaking/reading language

creative but structured

latest stories

the plan an instant messenger app to send memes. what is required for this project? mobile app database of memes requirements for the mobile app continuous intgration continuous deployment react-native can create + edit a meme can save the meme to the device websocket can send the meme requirements for database of memes continuous intgration continuous deployment nodejs graphql websocket can…

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