about this site

so you want to know a little about me? im a software developer and id like to push my skills. my method for this is mostly just throwing myself in to the deep-end when it comes to development projects (learning by doing).

i think like many other developers, i have a side-project that i thought i could do by myself, but i found that my side-project has many branches of work so it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep this side-project organised... so i thought to myself:

i think i need to place to organize my work.

and then i thought:

a blog could be useful in many ways.

  1. i could learn how to create a GatsbyJS blog.
  2. its an excuse to this domain name thats been going to waste for the past few years.

so here is the idea:

an instant messaging platform, where you communicate with memes.

i don't expect this side-project to be competitive in the industry, (... after all it is only "instant messaging" and "memes"... something the internet has an abundant supply), but my hope is that this project will at least be able to pay for its own development and maintenance.

the main goal of this project is personal education. i am learning about development and improving my skills. not because i need to... just because i want to.